2023 Church Council 

President – Susan Bostian
Vice-President – Mark Relyea
Secretary – Susan Uzarski
Treasurer – David Wagoner
Pre-School Board – Tonya Mays
Governance – Roger Barbee
Admin/Personnel – Bill West (Jeanne Proefrock*)
Finance – Mark Relyea
Stewardship – Jan Wagoner (Roger Barbee*)
Evangelism – Donna Enroth and Liz McNabb
Community Ministry – Marilyn Boardman (Colin Davis*)
Youth – Jeanne Proefrock
Faith Formation – Jessica Fitzgerald
Communications and Technology – Allison Joy
Worship, Music and Arts – Allison Kraft (Pastor Dave Keck*)
Property – David Wagoner

*Serves as liaison to Council

If you have any questions or concerns regarding one of our work areas, please contact the church staff and they will put you in contact with the appropriate council member.