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Eighty-nine Easter baskets, 24 food bags, mattresses, knitted hats, scarves, fleece blankets, bed linens and more were delivered to Living Waters Lutheran church on March 5! We enjoyed lunch with Pastor Jack, Lisa and others. Pastor took time to share about their ministry with our group.
Thank you Saint Mark’s congregation for your generous donations. We couldn’t make this trip without you. Thank you Jeff Shoe for the loan of the truck and  David Saleeby for driving. Thank you Hands On members Susan Haire, Lynn Nelson, Jane Saleeby, Curtis and Barb Barteau and Wayne Westmoreland for driving and making this trip to Living Waters. 
Thank you Bill West, Dave Finger, David Saleeby, Curtis Barteau, Wayne Westmoreland Margaret Van Horn, Malinda Little, Susan Haire, Jane Saleeby, Lory Hans, Barb Barteau and Pam Core for helping pack trucks and cars before our journey to Living Waters. 
Currently Hands On has started a new project! Thanks to Pam Core we are making cards.
Love One Another,
Hands On Team